How Has Social Media Changed Our Lives?

Published on 05/13/2020

Often times it’s hard to know exactly how much our lives have changed because of technology and social media. But if we compare it to 5 or 10 years back, not only are there huge improvements but social media has certainly played a positive and enormous role in all of our lives. To be fair, many people, including you and me, could not imagine what it would be like without it. No questions asked the age of social media has transformed and impacted the entire world. So let’s take a closer look at how exactly social media has universally changed our lives.

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How Has Social Media Changed Our Lives?

Meeting People & Staying Connected

Of course, people are still meeting each other organically at various social venues, but we can all agree that today it is much easier than ever to discover people who share our interests through social media. And there are so many options to do,  whether its via groups on Facebook or following people on Twitter. Studies show that the time spent on social networks has nearly tripled in the last year, and while Facebook has always mainly been centered around connecting with people and staying in touch with old friends you may have lost touch with from kindergarten. This is to say, social media is increasingly being used to find and maintain both old and potentially new friendships.

Doing Business

In this day and age, it is easier than ever to launch a business – and that is all thanks to social media. So much can be done via social media, such as locating possible employees through Facebook groups, Twitter searches, or LinkedIn. All in all social media allows people who don’t have much time or money for advertising, the chance to interact with others to promote their business. It is also a great and easy way for employees to find their next potential job.

Receiving News

Now, most people still love the smell of a fresh newspaper in the morning and being able to drink their coffee with catching up on world news. However, social media has taken over and has the biggest reach of any other way of communication, so any breaking news can get across the world within a few seconds of it actually happening. And honestly, we think this is truly incredible, don’t you think?

Exploring & Discovering

Ever thought what life is like in other cities or countries? Back in the day you probably had to do all your research by reading a book or watching a television program to discover other places and cultures. However, now social media has made it possible to get a more real and exciting perspective of the outside world by doing very little work. With the help of social media, we are all so grateful at the endless opportunities and possibilities are given to us when it comes to discovering our planet.


Long gone are the days when politicians only stood upon a platform and yelled out their promises. Although this may still be the norm, nowadays their elected method is by campaigning online. Of course, they get to reach more audiences online, and they are able to put up various issues and views on social media. This can then be shared by their supporters to spread awareness about the politician. There’s no doubt that social media gives a major boost to their campaign, which is why so many politicians are catching on to the trend,