These Are The Food Trends Of 2021

Published on 06/24/2021

Let us bring the taste of distant countries home and dream of the exciting metropolises of Asia. Typical dishes from Japan, South Korea and Co. find their way into our kitchens. But the 2021 food trends also have other exciting topics. Convince yourself!

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These Are The Food Trends Of 2021


The first stop on our Asian food trends is Korea and its most popular street food: Tteokbokki. What at first glance looks like Italian rigatoni are cylindrical white rice cakes. Cooked in a hot chili sauce and combined with fish cakes, boiled eggs and, of course, typical Korean kimchi, the tteok (Korean for rice cake) are best served. The soft, slightly dough-like consistency of the tteok may be a bit unusual, but it is not for nothing that they are enjoying increasing popularity across Korea’s national borders. Whether London or Berlin – in the trendy districts of many major European cities, the range of Korean restaurants is growing, which of course also have Tteokbokki on the menu.

Mochi (Ice Cream)

In Asia, rice and rice flour are not only used for hearty dishes, but also for desserts. Because mochis are also rice cakes. Originally from Japan, already widespread in the rest of Asia and now they have arrived here too. Traditionally, the soft cakes are filled with a paste made from red beans, peanut butter, coconut or sesame cream. The hit in summer: Mochi ice cream – the dough shell is a little thinner and the filling is creamy and ice-cold. Mochi ice cream is now even available in our supermarkets or, with a little skill, you can make it yourself according to your ideas.

High Tech Farming

Agriculture is also becoming innovative – vertical farming has already arrived in some supermarkets. Salads and herbs are grown there directly in greenhouse cabinets. Mushrooms or berries could soon follow. An interesting approach is the cultivation of crops underwater on the seabed (underwater farming) as well as so-called floating farms on the water. The new cultivation methods should be environmentally friendly and conserve resources, and at the same time secure the food supply for the world’s population.

Chocolate Hummus

And finally something sweet: creamy, chocolatey chickpea porridge or chocolate hummus. We can imagine it as a dessert with banana, as a spread or a dip. Thanks to a high proportion of vegetable proteins, fiber and minerals, chickpeas are baked in the oven and are so popular in the form of falafel or curries. But the legume is also ideal for gluten-free desserts. Are you in the mood for a special recipe? The chocolate hummus is low in sugar and provides an extra portion of protein from high-quality milk protein!

Ghost Kitchen

Restaurant without guests: This is how it could look more often in the future, even after Corona. The ghost or dark kitchen trend comes from the USA and there is only cooked and not served. The delivery service brings you the food from digital restaurant chains, which are more branded, to your home. The aim is to improve the quality of the food delivered by concentrating on preparing, preparing and packaging the dishes in such a way that they continue to cook during transport, if necessary. As a result, you get a meal delivered to your home that tastes as it has just left the restaurant kitchen.