A Recipe For Happiness: 4 Ways To Become A Happier Person

Published on 05/11/2021

A happy life is not a coincidence, but a consequence of an inner attitude and the appropriate behavior. Everyone can find ways to happiness if they take a few things to heart and incorporate them into their daily lives.

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A Recipe For Happiness: 4 Ways To Become A Happier Person


Happy people live authentically. You don’t wear a mask, you always show who you really are. They don’t bend themselves for other people and don’t do things just to make other people happy or because they don’t dare to say no. An authentic life is a full-hearted life that feels perfect, but real. How can you bring more authenticity into your life? To do this, you first have to deal with yourself in detail and get to know yourself better. Writing in a journal every day can be a good place to start. And you should start by asking yourself the right questions.


Having enough discipline is a surefire way to be happy. People who are happy are also okay with “suffering”. They know that life is not always made up of ups, it also takes downs in order to learn and grow. They don’t run away from problems and repress them, they tackle their problems. What problem have you been running away from for a long time? How about sitting down for 15 minutes and writing down the three first small steps that could help solve your problem? Maybe it would also be a start to tell someone about your problem and get help?

Self Love

Happy people don’t constantly criticize themselves when things don’t go as planned. They do not see mistakes and setbacks as avoidable and bad. Because failure is always part of success. They don’t judge themselves for setbacks but see them as a great way to learn something and do something better next time. How do you talk to yourself? Loving and understanding or aggressive and abusive? It is extremely important that you start showing more compassion for yourself because you will spend your whole life with yourself. Make sure that you are a good company to yourself.


Many people think that happy people have every reason to be grateful because they have everything that makes them happy. The truth is, gratitude usually comes first. It is important that we are grateful for the things that are already in our life FIRST in order to draw more things into our lives that we can be grateful for. A nice way to practice gratitude every day and to practice it in everyday life is to keep a gratitude diary in which you can collect all the happy moments of the year. By writing down what we are grateful for, we recall things in a completely different way and can read them over and over again if we are not doing so well. In bad times we often forget the many good things that were and are already in our lives.