The Benefits Of Long Walks For Toning, Sculpting , And Burning Calories

Published on 12/13/2020

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise, the benefits mentally, physically, and emotionally are not fully discussed enough. Walking is not only easy but should be promoted more for those who struggle to work out and do not like it, this is a great alternative. We have compiled a list of the benefits and great ways you can enjoy a good walk, get the most out of it, and ultimately create fitness goals for yourself. Did you know walking and running pretty much have similar benefits?

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The Benefits Of Long Walks For Toning, Sculpting, And Burning Calories

The experts have weighed in their opinion by saying that walking can in some instances be better than running. Think about it, for someone who is not an avid runner you decide to start running- you most likely will not be able to run long enough or fast enough to burn enough calories as you would in a normal workout or what you usually do. This is because your body is not used to running and you tire easily. However, when you walk you are burning calories, to implement this as a workout you can pick up the pace and utilize a greater distance. you will be shocked at how many calories you can burn. Yes, this takes longer but you can do this on a  treadmill or in your surroundings. It is about energy expenditure. Walking will utilize less energy than running and many may find that it is easier, they will expend less energy which allows them to go for longer and burn more calories.

Getting in a daily walk is something easy for anyone and everyone to try, it is better than no movement at all and has been proven to lower odds of having a stroke and reduce the risk of death by a whopping 39%. Studies have shown that people who stuck to a walking program showed improvements in multiple things, such as blood pressure, reduced body fat and weight, lower cholesterol level, and improvements with regards to depression. Walking releases endorphins and has been proven to improve mental state. Whether it be in a gym environment or in nature, people with depression and general people will experience a better mood if they walk regularly. This can be understood not only from the endorphin perspective but being an environment such as nature, you see, feel and experience a sense of calm- the air and surroundings allow your mind to escape other worries. It was proven that a 10-minute walk can have the same effect as a 45-minute workout does on anxiety levels. Walking has been shown to improve and enhance creativity too. Switch out your workout once in a while for a good walk, around the block, in a park or even at the gym- the benefits are truly great. Not to mention, walking actually firms and tones your bottom half.

In addition, if you want to intensify your walk, you can walk on an incline, incorporate weights as well as other exercises. Some add jumping jacks, squat walks, lunges, or even gallops in between their walks. Start small and build on distance and pace from there.