Why You Should Start Working Out With A Kettlebell

Published on 05/14/2020
Why You Should Start Working Out With A Kettlebell

Why You Should Start Working Out With A Kettlebell

When it comes to exercise equipment, there aren’t many pieces that can offer as many benefits as the kettlebell all at once. In fact, many people have said that once they discovered the kettlebell for themselves, it became their favorite piece to exercise with! The question is, why? What’s so special about kettlebells? Let’s talk about that.

Quick Workouts

One of the best parts of working out with kettlebells is that you can flow from one exercise to the next without having to put the kettlebell down. This results in much quicker workouts. Oftentimes, they can be 20 minutes or even less!

Full Body

Most of the exercises that require kettlebells are using hundreds of muscles at a time. They don’t only target one specific muscle. Training your whole body is a great way to lose fat since the more muscles you activate, the more calories you burn.

Built-In Cardio

Kettlebell training is very dynamic which means it raises your heart rate quickly. This results in you developing muscle and strength while also getting a full cardio workout.

One Piece Of Equipment

You won’t need a gym membership or any other expensive equipment, just one kettlebell. Kettlebell training is so flexible that you can switch up the exercises according to your skill level and make them easier or harder – all with just one kettlebell.

Mobile Workout

To do a kettlebell workout, the space you do it in can be almost anywhere. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or in a small studio, it’s great. All exercises can be performed in a space large enough to swing your arms – that’s it!

Better For Daily Life

Most exercises don’t necessarily improve activities you do in a day-to-day routine. However, kettlebell training is based on functional movement. What this means is that these exercises help improve your day-to-day life in terms of regular activities you do.

Improved Posture

Seeing as so many of us spend time sitting in front of computers, bad posture is pretty common. Kettlebell training helps you counteract all that sitting by working into the postural muscles on the back of the body, strengthening and straightening the spine in the process.