Couples Workout, A Good Therapy?

Published on 10/12/2020

Some people might believe that doing sports together can be a distraction. However, let me tell you that couples that sweat together stays together longer. Working out with a partner can actually facilitate the training process, especially if it takes a lot from you to get up and do a workout. If you do it with your partner you have the additional motivation, you push each other to do better each day. Not only working out together will benefit you on the “stay In shape” matter but also it will have positive effects on your relationship. There are some couples that are very busy with their working schedules that they don’t have enough time to spend with one another. If they work out on their own then even less, so a solution to have the best from both worlds would be to workout together. Let’s find out what other benefits working out as a couple brings.

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Couples Workout, A Good Therapy@


Stronger Relationship

When working out with your partner, you build a parallel relationship in which a shared concern and motivation for the health and wellbeing arise. You can also meet other people while doing different activities and have a shared group of friends.

Better Intimacy

When we do sports, we feel better about ourselves straight away, we feel more powerful and attractive. Well, this happens as well when you work with your partner. You see each other more attractive. And doing exercises together increases complicity, attraction, and love which at the end of the day will increase the sexual desire and keep it alive.

Brings Happiness

Science has shown on numerous occasions that exercising makes us happier because of the release of the hormones known as endorphines which are responsible for happiness. So imagine if you engaged in a daily routine of working out with your partner, you would both feel this shared happiness and by pushing and motivating each other, will end up having a positive impact in your relationship.

Higher Emotional Bond

Several studied that have examined the effects of working out with your significant other can have on your relationship and yourself, have found that running together at the same pace, lifting weight, synchronizing with one another when doing abs, and so on, creates what they cal nonverbal matching, which helps people feel emotionally on line with one other. Those who experience this feeling, report feeling closer to their partner.

Better Workouts

A basic notion from psychology is that just the presence of someone else will affect your ability to perform an activity. You may feel already capable enough of performing a specific exercise, however, if you bring your partner, that will increase your energy and enthusiasm even more. It can even increase your speed without you even realizing it! On the other hand, if you are not very familiar with a certain exercise, then it might be better to practice it on your own till you master it since bringing your partner along, could interfere with your performance.