5 Weird Things That Will Help Your Skin Glow

Published on 10/07/2020

We are all looking for new ways to improve our complexion. Whether it be adding something to our diets or the latest products that are promising to give us the tiny pore, blemish-free, smooth, and soft face- we want it. Having clear skin automatically boosts your confidence and just leaves you feeling much better overall. Our skin tends to alternate patterns during different seasonal changes, due to hormonal adjustments and with many other factors at play. Stress, water intake, sleep, and diet are all players in the skin glow game. However, here are a few weird and unexpected things that may just make a world of a difference and give you that makeup finish glow!

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5 Weird Things That Will Help Your Skin Glow


Sweet and sticky but hone actually has soothing and antibacterial qualities. It is best to use the raw unpasteurized honey for sure, apply this to spots or breakouts. Tie your hair tight back and out of your face, the last thing we want is your hair in the honey. Another great idea is to mix the honey with other natural products in forming a face mask.


Bananas are a great source of vitamins and minerals but they are also a great moisturizer. Jam-packed with vitamin A, this will aid in fading dark spots and smoothing skin texture. Mush a banana and add brown sugar- this will create an all-natural face scrub that is suitable for sensitive skin too. You can take care of our skin with everyday home items and have similar effects to expensive products, just about knowing your skin and what it needs.


Egg whites are one ingredient we swear by! If you have enlarged pores or suffer from blackheads, highly recommend! Brush the raw egg white on your skin and let dry, the proteins in the egg white cause the skin to tighten and the pores to shrink, a tad gross but the results are well worth it. Careful not to eat the raw egg white, please. Many apply layers of the egg white followed by tissue and repeat the process for a skin tightening effect.


Cinnamon acts in the stimulation of blood vessels which will leave your skin plump and smooth in appearance. It is also fabulous as a body scrub just as a side note. Mix the cinnamon with honey and this will not only cleanse your pores but soothe your skin all at the same time. Tasty and effective!


One of the best-kept beauty secrets relied on by the women of India. Turmeric is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and a sebum regulator. Turmeric will fight off acne but it does stain your skin, leaving it with a yellow tinge well, if you have an olive tone it will just make you look glowy. However, for paler skin tones it is not necessarily the case. The problem is easily solved, simply wipe over your face with toner and a cotton pad. A natural and unusual method but one that has been used for years!